The Touch and Create App is part of DADAA’s STARTSPEAK Digital Inclusion program and provides an interactive tool for artists with disability to create art and share their work in the digital space.

STARTSPEAK Touch & Create App

  • Client DADAA / Agency Inkubator / Date 2015 / Role UX UI Designer / Award 2015 App Design Awards / Silver Winner EdTech

STARTSPEAK addresses the social issue of digital exclusion. There is a lack of consumer-driven, entry level tablet experiences and self-expression options for people with high support and complex communication needs (HSN/CCN).


The goal through the App is to make this activity more accessible and requiring less facilitation and intervention by support staff. For people with high support and complex communication needs their ability to participate in arts activities rests on the care and support staff to facilitate access and participation. In designing the App we sought to peel back some of layers of facilitation required, the ability of an arts/cultural experience to be available through an iPad App makes access to and uptake of this experience more accessible and user friendly.

User Experience

Embracing Inkubator’s with not for design ethos people from the target market – people with high support and complex communication needs (HSN/CCN) and their support networks – were involved in the project from inception. We developed the App using an inclusive and iterative development cycle within an adapted AGILE model. The App was designed to respond to single and multi touch gestures with a UI design and encoded functionality that took into consideration the usage requirements of people with limited mobility.


The app was built with a focus on universal design, and increased accessibility and technical functionality developed to facilitate ease of use and independent participation by people with complex high support needs.