My Three Houses App

  • Client Signs of Safety / Resolutions Consultancy / Agency Inkubator / Date 2015 / Role UX UI Designer / Producer / Award 2016 App Design Awards / Silver Winner EdTech

Signs of Safety is a constantly evolving approach to child protection that focuses on practices, tools and methods for professionals and families facing complex problems of child abuse. Resolutions Consultancy’s primary purpose is to sustain and grow the quality and development of Signs of Safety.


Upon implementation of the Signs of Safety approach across ten local authorities in the United Kingdom, Resolutions Consultancy needed a tool that would help professionals such as children’s service workers, teachers and child counsellors help children to write, draw and speak about worrying things in their life using the Three Houses method.

Information Architecture
Information Architecture

As UX UI Designer for Inkubator, I collaborated in the creation of an app that provided a toolbox for caseworkers and a play environment for children, comprised of a storybook and a drawing pad. Packed with content, the app managed children profiles, session information, permission forms, audio recording and notes, with the ability to export the data into any professional case management system.

Wireframes + User Journey
Wireframes + User Journey

My role as UX UI Designer as well as Digital Producer required participation from concept to delivery. I managed the initial phases of research, definition of user journeys and project scoping, moving to information architecture, flow maps, wireframes, initial prototypes, user interface design, character design and animation, to the final management of development team and delivery. Ongoing user testing and focus groups with children and caseworkers from the local authorities in the UK enabled multiple iterations of the app, with the final implementation of complex system requirements.


A breakthrough tool for child protection workers the My Three Houses App enables a safe, straightforward way for professionals and children to speak together about what the vulnerable child is experiencing in their life. Completely free worldwide, the app is the result of eighteen months of intensive development and testing. The app is the first of its kind, developed for practitioners working in tandem with Inkubator throughout the research, design and development stages to create a unique product to fulfil an industry need.