Equip Myself

  • Client Independent Living Centre / Agency Inkubator / Date 2016 / Role UX UI Designer / Producer

Independent Living Centre is an Australian organisation that aims to provide people of all abilities information and resources for improved quality of life. The organisation manages an online database of more than 11,000 assistive technologies and was seeking a way to enhance audience awareness to the potential of the technologies on offer.


People living with disabilities often don’t know much about the range of assistive technologies on offer and their potential to enhance quality of life. The challenge for ILC was to enhance awareness about the use of assistive technologies and provide an entry point to their online database of products.

ILC Equip Myself Flow Map
ILC Equip Myself Flow Map

We created a free lifestyle tablet app that explored four main elements: contextual information with real life stories of assistive technology users; examples of real world applications with the presentation of virtual scenarios; a catalogue based on 92 categories and linked to the online database, and the ability to use the app as a planning tool that connects directly with ILC.


My role as UX UI Designer as well as Digital Producer required participation from concept to delivery. I managed the initial phases of research, definition of user journeys and project scoping, moving to information architecture, flow maps, wireframes, initial prototypes and user interface design, to the final management of development team and delivery. Ongoing user testing and focus groups with people with all abilities enabled multiple iterations of the app, with the final implementation of complex accessibility requirements.


The app empowers Australians with disability by supporting them to identify assistive equipment and technology options that may be suitable for them. Launched late-2016, the app has gained great success from occupational therapists, that are using the app as a referral tool, and amongst consumers.