Canteen Challenge

  • Client Diabetes WA / Agency Inkubator / Date 2015 / Role UX UI Designer

Design and develop a unique experience to promote healthy eating in the workplace.


As UX UI Designer I collaborated with the concept and production of an interactive vending machine which required guests to participate in gameplay using motion sensing input technology. Guests had one game mission – to get active and use their arms like a sword to ‘cut’ unhealthy foods from their diet.


Having Fruit Ninja as a loose reference, I designed the mechanics of a game where the player eliminates ‘bad’ food from their diet, consequently improving his/her health represented in the game by energy levels. The game was then packaged into a vending machine that could be easily installed in the workplace. From concept to delivery, I managed both UX and UI processes.


A pilot vending machine was created and tested during a corporate lunch for company CEOs held by Diabetes WA in Perth. Participants successfully played the game and the message was delivered. Diabetes WA is now working with the companies attending the event for a roll-out of the initiative.